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About the Honors Transfer Program

Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program began in 2008 and currently has >300 active students. The program has transferred >580 students to universities all over the country.

What Does Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program Provide?

Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program provides an enriched educational experience by offering honors classes that provide an opportunity for challenging outside research, stimulating seminars and sophisticated literature. Our goal is to encourage our students to seek challenges and pursue excellence. This program is about digging deeper, going beyond the textbook, and sharing your talents and interests with other highly motivated students.

Our honors courses reflect our instructors' interests in, and commitment to, a rigorous exploration of academic, intellectual, cultural and social issues. We offer a full array of university transfer classes and an honors learning community that serves the high potential, high achieving students of our county. Universities are looking for outstanding students who have done more than the minimum transfer requirements. As a result, Universities actively pursue honors students.

Who Joins the Program?

Students from all backgrounds, ages and experiences join Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program. Current Cabrillo students, students coming to Cabrillo from other colleges and universities, and recent high school graduates are all welcome to apply to the program. Home schooled students are considered on a case-by-case basis and they must be intending to continue at Cabrillo after high school and transfer to a 4-year institution as a junior. The minimum age to participate in the Honors Transfer Program is 16 years.

NOTE: The Honors Transfer Program is designed for students who want to transfer to the university, not for students who have already achieved a Bachelor's Degree and are pursuing graduate school, nor for concurrently-enrolled high school students who are pursuing the university as Freshman.

Why Join The Honors Transfer Program?

As four-year universities become increasingly selective, transfer students need every edge to assist them with their transfer admission. Honors students are in high demand at selective public and private universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pomona, UC San Diego, Pitzer, Chapman, University of Southern California and many more. Additionally, out-of state universities

What Honors Students Experience:

Priority admission or a competitive edge in the transfer admissions process depending on the college or university to which you apply (See UCLA TAP Information and Private universities (HTCC) agreements)

Fall, 2019 - 82% admission rate to UCLA College of Letters & Sciences, for our Honors students!!

Scholarship advising and opportunities

Research support from Cabrillo's award winning library staff

Counseling and transfer assistance

Recognition of honors coursework on transcripts and at graduation

Smaller class size (35 or fewer students per class)

Faculty mentors


A dedicated Study Lounge for our program's students

A stimulating environment

Membership in an honors transfer community of students

Enriched curriculum

A strong support network

See also the videos on our "Testimonials" page

Intrigued? We thought so. Here are the next steps:

1) Review the minimum qualifications at the link on the right

2) Submit the on-line application to include your essay

NOTE: A separate application is required to Apply to Cabrillo via CCC Apply here

3) Submit one letter of recommendation. An e-mail of recommendation is acceptable from current Cabrillo students: the instructor may send the e-mail directly to the Honors Director at

4) Submit your high school transcript to include Fall grades (if you are a graduating high school senior), AP or IB transcript or transcripts from other colleges or universities you have attended. Cabrillo transcripts are NOT required to be submitted.

It's that simple! We'll contact you within two weeks after receiving all required information if applying within the published application windows.

How to Apply as a Current Cabrillo (or College) Student

How to Apply as a Graduating High School Senior



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