Sociology focuses on the scientific and systematic study of societies, groups, and institutions.

The sociological perspective is a tool that empowers learners to critically analyze and understand contemporary society at the local, regional, national, and global levels. Sociology focuses on face-to-face social interactions as well as large-scale social institutions such as economy, politics, culture, education, mass media, religion, and the criminal justice system. Sociology's subject matter ranges from intimate family settings to large, impersonal organizations, from the world of work to the world of leisure, from social divisions of class, race, and gender to cultural bonds based on shared values and traditions. Sociology emphasizes how individual experiences, perspectives, and behavior are influenced by the structure of society and how individual behavior can change the structure of society.

Sociology students develop skills to understand complex social issues and promote a more just, humane, and equitable society. These skills include critical reading and thinking, analytical writing, research, problem-solving, collaboration, and oral communication.

Sociology students receive broad preparation for additional coursework at four-year colleges and universities. Sociology provides a foundation for a wide range of career paths in public, private, and nonprofit/community-based sectors. Options include business, community/public health, counseling, criminal justice, education, government, human resources, journalism, law, media and communications, organizing, politics, public service, research, social justice, social work, urban planning, and more.

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