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Veterans Information Center


We are honored to offer the following services to student veterans and to highlight college-wide services that can benefit you.

Our team provides academic counseling, assistance with Gi Benefits and priority registration, educational coaching, and assistance with financial aid. Make an appointment today with one of our team members.

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Priority Registration

Cabrillo College offers priority registration for all Veterans. Please submit your DD2-14 to the Veteran Information Center to receive veteran priority registration. For more information regarding priority registration and registration dates, please visit the Admissions And Records webpage or contact Melissa Rose in Admissions & Records.


Your registration date is adjusted (earlier or later) based on this criteria:

  1. Complete Placement Process and submit the Placement eForm

  2. Complete Orientation Activities and submit the Orientation eForm

  3. Start Education Planning: plan at least one class in Student Planning for the next term

  4. At 15 units: declare your major (applies to continuing students)

  5. At 2nd term: be in good academic standing (applies to continuing students)

Placement and Orientation are required only time, once completed, no need to repeat, ever.

Education Coach


Prepare yourself for the process from enrolling all the way to graduation.

A college life coach empowers students to take charge of their own careers by developing their mindset, setting goals, maximizing focus and attention, managing distractions, stressors & time, establishing values and expectations, taking ownership of obstacles they face, making deliberate choices about the college lifestyle with validation through emotional intelligence and habit building - Naturally leading to believing in themselves more than ever before!

Academic Counseling

Academic counselors are here to support you during your academic career and help students navigate the complex steps regarding transfer to four-year universities and in planning for Cabrillo's occupational certificates and associate degrees. We encourage you to take advantage of academic counseling so we can support you on your academic journey.

Services Provided:

Vouchers, Lending and Meal Cards

School Supplies & Book Vouchers

School Supplies and Book Purchase Vouchers are available through the VI. Please fill out these forms to request supplies and book vouchers.

Parking Permit Vouchers

Parking Permit vouchers are available to Veteran Students each semester by filling out the VIC Parking Permit Form.

Laptop, Headphone and Hotspots Lending

Laptops, headphones, and mobile hotspots are available for lending by filling out the Hardware Equipment Loan Program form. Once you select the link, you will be prompted to sign into your My Cabrillo account. Once you are signed in, the Hardware Equipment Loan Program form will populate.

Emergency Meal Cards

Emergency Meal Cards are available by filling out the Emergency Meal Card Form.

Cabrillo College Services

We are here to help you connect with services offered at Cabrillo College:

Personal Counseling

Student Health Services offers personal counseling to help students cope with stressors that are affecting their academic, career, or personal goals. Visit their site or call (831) 479-6435.

Accessibility Support Center (ASC)

We are available to help make appointments with ASC. The ASC offers support in a variety of support services for students with disabilities such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Visit their site by calling (831) 479-6379 or (831) 479-6370.


At the HUB we assist in arranging free tutoring for other subjects as well as offer drop-in math tutoring. Visit their site, call (831) 479-6470 or email

Student Employment

The Student Employment and Internship Center provides students and alumni access and support for seeking professional experience via multiple online platforms. Visit their site or contact Desha Staley-Raatior, Student Employment Coordinator, (831) 479-6540.

Financial Aid

Learn more about financial aid by visiting the Financial Aid and Scholarships website or contact Sonia Marquez, Financial Aid Advisor, (831) 479-6557.

staff with student vets

Student Assistant Positions

Veteran Services is always looking for veteran students who would like to work at the veterans services center. There are 3 ways you can get involved:

  1. Department of Veterans Affairs Work Study Allowance Program. Contact Melissa Rose, our School Certifying Official for more information.

  2. If you are granted Federal Work-Study, you can apply for a Federal Work-Study position within Veterans Services. Contact Flor Chacon for more information.

  3. Through the Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) program you earn college credit for the work you do at Veterans Services. Contact Flor Chacon for more information.

Complete a New Veteran Student Intake Form to get connected to the Veteran information Center and start your journey at Cabrillo College. If you have any questions feel free to email us at to set up a Zoom meeting.