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Art History

All our courses are transferable to UC and CSU campuses and several satisfy multicultural studies requirements.

Art history provides and develops visual literacy and critical thinking to better understand visual arts across time and multiple cultures by focusing on the power the visual arts.

Students enrolled in art history courses learn about the subjects, forms, and purposes of art within each historical period that they study. They learn about the artists, the patrons, and the audiences who viewed the works of art. Students learn to accurately identify and describe art works, as well as to use the principles of art history in their critical writing about art. They also learn about related approaches of visual analysis which reflect changes in the discipline of art history, and which become an additional basis to critical thinking and writing about art.

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Heather Gray and the entire Art History department have been nothing but helpful to me.

Bianca Jimenez Graduate 2020

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Resources for Art History Students

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