Art Photography

Degrees and Certificates

Our program offers

  • One Associates Degree in Art Photography

  • Five Certificates of Achievement

  • New non-credit Certificates of Completion

  • 38 courses


Art Photography - Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree

Gain a strong foundation in the use of traditional and digital photographic technologies, the evolution of photographic and video art aesthetics and practice, composition and visual communication, and the ways in which images function in culture and society (Image Literacy).

This course of study bridges traditional black-and-white photography, digital photography, video and moving image art, historical, alternative, and experimental photographic processes, lighting, history of photography, history of experimental film/video,, and contemporary trends.

Classes emphasize the technical, creative image making, critical analysis, and visual communication skills needed to prepare for transfer to four-year institutions or employment in the field.

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Earn as many as five Certificates of Achievement in as little as 5-17 units each!

  • Digital Photography

  • Historical and Alternative Photographic Processes

  • Image Use in Professional Settings

  • Moving Image Video Arts

  • Traditional Black and White Photography

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Noncredit Certificates

These Certificates of Completion are great for continuing education as they are free, repeatable, pass/no pass, skill building or job-enhancing certificates.

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  • AP446A Photoshop for Photography I

  • AP446B Photoshop for Photography II

  • DM458, Art and Maker Entrepreneurship Online [Etsy,, etc...]

  • DM457, Self Promotion With Social Media


  • AP448, Basic Product Photography (online course, 5 weeks Spring terms)

  • CAHM448, Food Presentation

  • AP448, Basic Product Photography (online course, 5 weeks Spring terms)


Our program offers a wide range of courses to meet your needs and goals. All courses transfer to either the UC or CSU systems.

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