Art Photography

Donate Photo Equipment

Thank you so much for thinking of us at Cabrillo Photo for photo-equipment donations!

We check out cameras to Cabrillo students enrolled in photography courses in order for them to learn to use professional equipment.

The Art Photography Department Accepts Donations of:

  • DSLR Cameras (properly working, five yrs old or newer, DSLR lenses, memory cards, battery chargers). We love Canon ti DSLR series cameras. [We are not able to accept digital point and shoot cameras at this time].

  • 35mm Film Cameras +lens (properly working 35mm film cameras. We love Pentax K1000, Nikon FM10, Canon AE.)

  • Black and White Film: 35mm or medium format film

  • B&W Darkroom Photo Paper

  • Inkjet Paper

  • Film Scanners

We do not have a need at this time for:

  • Inkjet printers

  • Flatbed scanners

  • Digital point and shoot cameras

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Thank you for your donation
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Donation Drop Off Location & Times

Drop off location for photo equipment donations is VAPA Photo Lab, Room 2025 (see map below 'ingress'):

  • Tuesdays/Thursday, 12noon-2pm in Fall term (September 1 - December 15) and Spring term (February 1 - May 10).

  • We are not able to accept donations during summer recess or winter breaks. No donations accepted during June-August or December-January. Thank you!

  • We have a secure drop-off location for after-hours too - please email us if this is needed.

We do our best to respond as quickly as we can to donation inquiries. Filling out the donation form is the best way to get in contact with us. We love donations and thank you very much for your inquiry. You can request a tax deductible receipt on the form.

Contact Janet Fine, and Lesley Louden for further information or with specific inquiries.