Construction and Energy Management

Degrees and Certificates

By working toward your certificate or degree, you will receive high-quality training from skilled faculty in the planning and management of all types and phases of construction projects.

In as little time as one semester you can earn one of our certificates and as little as two years for an Associate of Science Degree . With emphasis on Construction & Energy Management and Building Inspection, the CEM program offers:

Review the digital catalog for more information about each CEM course and each degree and certificate listed below.

Cabrillo College offers options for an Associates in Science (A.S.) degree in

Construction Management
Building Inspection and Constructions Codes
Energy Management

Each of the three degrees requires 60 units.


Construction Management A.S. Degree

This program provides education in the areas of administration, management, operations, and business for those seeking intermediate or advanced positions in the construction industry. The program also provides continuing education, degrees, and certificates for those already employed as contractors, consultants, owner/builders, inspectors, managers, supervisors, estimators, planners and schedulers, support staff, craft workers, and other areas related to construction. There are numerous managerial and supervisory positions in the construction sector where students have choices to find the area and role that best suits their interest. You can work inside or outside. You can work with tools or with computers. You can work mostly with your hands or challenge your mind. You can design, build, inspect, or seek a common position like office manager, crew chief, accountant, planner, scheduler, and many more. Many people with prior business experience take CEM courses to transition their skills to the construction, energy, or building inspection fields. In turn, many construction professionals are seeking to take off their tool belts and advance to managerial or supervisory positions. CEM serves people that are seeking transformation and empowerment. And, sometimes we just help you get on the right path.


Building Inspection and Construction Codes A.S. Degree

The Building Inspection pathway provides numerous code courses that are the foundation to students seeking employment as Building Inspectors, as well as additional courses that provide essential skills and knowledge, such as Blueprint Reading, Sustainable Construction, and Construction Fundamentals.


Energy Management A.S. Degree

This pathway provides preparation for students to work in the construction and energy management industry. Preparation includes construction fundamentals with an emphasis on sustainability and energy/water management as they relate to building technology, the application of building science, and solar-derived or renewable clean energy. The program employs an integrated approach to construction project planning and execution as well as preparation for state and national licensing and standards organizations/associations.

I am proud to be a student of Cabrillo College's CEM program. The instructors are experienced, passionate, and dedicated to teaching the industry's best practices. In addition to providing excellent practical hands-on training, the program also focuses on innovative methods and materials, with a leaning towards safety, health, durability, efficiency, and sustainability. Further, the facilities and the robust set of tools are exceptional and conducive to learning the trade. For anyone wanting to learn hard skills for a career in the construction and energy management field, I'd highly recommend this program.
- Karl Lee


Certificates of Achievement

Cabrillo offers options for a Certificate of Achievement in Construction Management; Building Inspection and Constructions Codes; and Energy Management.

  • The Certificate of Achievement in Construction Management requires 37-40 units.

  • The Certificate of Achievement in Building Inspection and Constructions Codes requires 34-37 units.

  • The Certificate of Achievement in Energy Management requires 28-31 units.


Skills Certificates

We offer eight skills certificates including:

  • Construction Basics Skills Certificate (10 units)

  • Building Performance Energy Management Skills Certificate (14 units)

  • Construction Building Inspection and Codes Skills Certificate (16 units)

  • Construction Business Management Skills Certificate (15 units)

  • Construction Project Management Skills Certificate (15 units)

  • Construction Plumbing/Mechanical Inspection and Codes Skills Certificate (16 units)

  • Solar Derived Energy Management Skills Certificate (12 units)

  • Construction Electrical Inspection and Codes Skills Certificate (13 units)

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