Construction and Energy Management


The outlook for jobs in construction and energy management is strong and demand is high!

According to the Energy, Construction, and Utilities California Community Colleges Workforce & Economic Development, the construction trades in California employ over 840,000 people and are growing at an average rate of 146,000 jobs each year. The average salary in the construction trades is $65,000 per year.

Growth in Sustainability

There is a massive effort by the State of California and PG&E to electrify and integrate renewable energy for all levels and types of construction throughout our great state. This will only be accomplished by developing a workforce that is knowledgeable and competent to adopt new skills and technology, particularly in regard to energy and water efficiency. We are in the midst of a historic drought in California which will most likely stimulate increased attention to water preservation, conservation, and efficiency. Energy and water efficiency are at the heart of most CEM courses and labs, and there remains a steadfast theme of sustainability throughout the entire CEM program. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our local community while reducing the burden on our precious planet.

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