Emergency Preparedness

What To Do In Case Of Evacuation

Immediate Actions

  1. Faculty and staff are responsible for all students in their immediate charge. When evacuation is determined to be necessary by the Building Manager or others, the campus population will be notified through the following measures, appropriate to the specific circumstances at the time:
    - Campus telephones
    - Runners
    - Bullhorns
    - Building fire alarms
    - Flashing lights for hearing impaired/deaf persons

  2. Upon being notified to evacuate, occupants will leave their buildings/classrooms immediately and proceed to the nearest plan-designated "Staging Area" or other areas as advised. In each classroom and building, a chart is posted identifying the appropriate evacuation route from the building. Unless it will cause unnecessary or unsafe delays, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take their possessions with them. Faculty should take their roll sheets with them and take roll once reassembled in the Staging Area.
  3. Building Managers designated in the Emergency Procedures Plan will assist district employees, students, and campus visitors and will ensure that evacuation instructions are carried out according to building evacuation plans. People will be evacuated to designated "Staging Areas" around the campus.
  4. To the best of your ability and without re-entering the building, assist police and college staff in their attempt to determine that everyone has evacuated safely.
  5. Evacuation of disabled persons and children (Child Development Centers) will be given high priority by Building Managers and others in all emergencies; they will be evacuated in accordance with the building evacuation plan. Building Managers may request assistance of faculty. Based on specific circumstances, Building Managers are responsible for designating the safest evacuation routes for disabled persons
  6. If total evacuation from the campus is necessary, specific instructions for evacuation will be given by the Incident Commander (IC) at that time. Building Managers and other support staff available on campus will be notified by the EOC and will report to assigned areas and stand by.

DO NOT RETURN TO A BUILDING UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO BY POLICE OR OTHER OFFICIAL. The IC will coordinate an "all clear" sign or issuance of other instructions via runners, radios, or voice command to Building Managers. Telephone notification by the EOC personnel can be done upon the direction of the IC.