Emergency Preparedness

What To Do In Case Of Earthquakes

Immediate Actions


  1. DROP to the floor. Take COVER under a sturdy desk, table, or other furniture. HOLD on to furniture you are under and protect your face. Instruct others to DROP, COVER AND HOLD.
  2. Stay away from glass windows, wall shelves and heavy equipment.
  3. DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE. DO NOT EVACUATE UNTIL AFTER TREMORS CEASE. Be aware that aftershocks may cause further damage.
  4. Once the main tremor has ceased, calmly evacuate classroom or offices to evacuation staging area. Assist those with physical disabilities.


  1. Quickly move at least 300 feet away from building, utility poles, and other structures.
  2. CAUTION: ALWAYS avoid power or utility lines.

Administer first aid if necessary. Call for help via 911 if appropriate.

An Incident Command Center will be set up in the Student Activities Center East room SAC 225. Stay away from the Command Center unless you have an emergency. Instead, communicate with your Building Manager who will report building status to the Command Center via the Building Coordinators.
Injuries and/or damaged facilities should be reported to the Building Manager who will advise the Command Center.


If you smell gas, stop what you are doing, do NOT switch the lights on or off, vacate the building and notify the Building manager, your supervisor, or the Command Center.


Some gases are odorless and colorless. Do not enter any areas where hazardous materials are stored or suspected until uniformed personnel or other trained and authorized person had inspected the area.