Emergency Preparedness

What To Do In Case Of Hazardous Material Release

Immediate Actions

  • Notify 9-1-1 and warn others in the area. Provide:
    • Exact location of spill, including room number if inside a building
    • Name of spilled material
    • Quantity, if known
    • Appearance - solid, liquid, odor, color, etc.
    • Injuries or physical effects to those who have been exposed
    • Whether any victims are trapped within the isolated area
    • Area of contamination
    • Your name, department, and the phone extension you are calling from
  • Safeguard lives and isolate materials if safe to do so.
  • Notify Division Office staff and/or Sheriff on duty x6314 or 831-471-1121.

Determine need to EVACUATE building

  • Activate fire alarm, if appropriate, to evacuate.
  • Evacuate immediately. Assist persons with disabilities or injuries.
  • Close doors leading into the building to isolate release
  • Move and stay upwind, up slope, upstream, at least 300 free from building (to evacuation staging areas if safe)
  • Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency equipment

If hazardous material is on a person remove any excess material and check Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to ensure that following immediate treatment is appropriate:

  • Hazardous materials in eye: brush away any dry materials, then hold the eye open and flush with water at least 15 minutes
  • Hazardous materials on skin: remove contaminated clothing, brush away any dry materials and flush area with water in a safety shower for at least 15 minutes

Seek medical attention immediately. Send Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) with the injured.

Do not return to the evacuated area until the area is declared safe by uniformed or other trained authorized personnel.