Emergency Preparedness

Eye Hazards

Watch out for common eye hazards!

  • Flying particles from grinding, sawing, etching and other machine operations
  • Sparks from welding and other operations
  • Fumes and splashes from molten materials and chemicals
  • Harmful light rays from arc and electrical welding, furnace operations, and acetylene torches

Use the right eye protection for your job

  • ANSI approved
  • Properly fitted
  • In good repair

Never depend on regular glasses or contact lenses to protect you!

Eye Safety Checklist

  • Be alert to eye hazards at your worksite.
  • Follow established safety guidelines.
  • Learn first aid for eye injuries.
  • Know where all eyewash stations and emergency equipment are.
  • Get prompt medical attention for any eye injury.
  • Ask your supervisor if it's safe to wear contact lenses in your work area.