Emergency Preparedness

Lead Hazards

Lead Is a Poison!

  • Even small amounts can cause permanent damage to the brain, blood, kidneys, liver, bones and reproductive system.
  • Once lead gets into your body, it stays there for a long time.
  • Lead is found in old paint, certain types of construction materials, bricks and mortar, roofing material, insulation and support rods, as well as pipes and metal solder.

You Can Get Lead Poisoning By

  • Inhaling dust from lead-containing materials, as when sanding old paint.
  • Eating or smoking in areas contaminated with lead dust.

How You Can Avoid Lead Poisoning

  • Always use ventilation systems, respirators, and protective clothing required by your job.
  • Never eat or smoke in an area where lead dust is present.
  • Learn what materials at your workplace contain lead and take extra precautions in handling them.
  • Follow your companys guidelines for regular medical checkups to make sure you are not accumulating lead in your body.