Outcomes Assessment Review Committee (OARC)

Improving Teaching and Learning

Mission/Purpose Statement

The Outcomes Assessment Review Committee (OARC), a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, oversees, analyzes and evaluates all teaching and learning Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment activities, a key component of campus program planning, institutional effectiveness and accreditation efforts. Chaired by the SLO Coordinator, OARC provides support to faculty and staff engaged in outcomes assessment by analyzing the results of those efforts and making recommendations for how to improve them. Read more about the committee's official charge here.

SLO Resources at Cabrillo

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Cass, SLO Coordinator

  • Dr. Travaris Harris, Accreditation Liaison Officer

  • TBA 2021-2022, Student Senate Representative

  • Zach Joseph, Faculty Senate

  • Jessica Carroll, eLumen Specialist

  • David Sheftman, CCFT

  • Paul Harvell, Dean of HASS

  • Annie Jones, Instruction Assessment Sector for Library and Learning Resources

  • TBA, Instruction Assessment Sector for CTE

  • Claire Thorson, Instruction Assessment Sector for Transfer and Basic Skills

  • Sara Decelle, Instruction Assessment Sector for Noncredit