Student Equity and Achievement Committee (SEA)

Mission/Purpose Statement

In 2018, three categorical student support programs were integrated fiscally into one program: The Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Program.

The Trailer Bill language for this initiative states that it is the intent of the Legislature that funds for the Student Equity and Achievement Program support the California Community Colleges in advancing the systemwide goal to boost achievement for all students with an emphasis on eliminating achievement gaps for students from traditionally underrepresented groups by doing of all of the following:

(A) Implementing activities and practices pursuant to the California Community College Guided Pathways Grant Program.

(B) Ensuring students complete their educational goals and a defined course of study.

(C) Providing quality curriculum, instruction, and support services to students who enter college deficient in English and mathematics.

To align with the new directive, the Cabrillo Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), the Student Equity Program, and the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) were integrated into the new SEA program. A Cabrillo SEA committee has been established and meets regularly to discuss the integration of the programs and services into the new Guided Pathways framework.


Goal One. Ensure a system to track and provide timely Educational Planning for all students.

Goal Two. Continue to refine sustainability plan for support for Guided Pathways and Student Equity initiatives.

Goal Three. Establish a funding request process for SEA funds as well as any SEA Carryover funds.

  1. 1. Develop a form and a process for requesting SEA funds.

  2. 2. Coordinate the SEA fundling request process with Institutional Effectiveness Committee procedure and other college resource request processes.

Goal Four: To continue to evaluate the impact of AB705 implementation.

  1. 1. Review the success data for determination of effective placement and planning procedures.

  2. 2. Refine process for improvements in communication and practice.

Goal Five: Continue to assess math, English, and ESL support programs and courses for students.

  1. 1. Complete full assessment of Supplemental Instruction program.

  2. 2. Assess and analyze the Math Plus delivery model changes.

  3. 3. Review data related to credit and non-credit support courses.

Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Program Fund Request Form

(Currently not accepting funding requests for the Spring '20 semester)

Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Funding Selection Rubric

Who They Report To

College Planning Committee (CPC)


Meetings are scheduled on the third Monday of the month from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Link to Agendas and Minutes


Chair and Member Listing

  • Devin Walker, Director of Student Equity and Success, Co-Chair

  • Amy Lehman-Sexton, Vice President of Student Services, Co-Chair

  • Adela Naranjo-Bernabe, DREAM Resource Program Coordinator

  • Alta Northcutt, Director of Student Life and Welcome Services

  • Amy Mahoney, Human Resources Analyst Confidential

  • Ann Endris, Title V Director

  • Annabelle Rodriguez, Dean of Career Education & Workforce Development

  • Annie Jones, Director, Tutoring & Academic Support Services

  • Anya Finke, Next Steps Program Coordinator

  • Barbara Schultz-Perez, Academic Counselor

  • Dr. Blanca Baltazar-Sabbah, Dean of ACCESS

  • Courtney Morillo, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services

  • Dave Reynolds, Dean of Natural and Applied Sciences (NAS)

  • Desha Staley-Raatior, Career Development Director

  • Eduardo Cervantes, Dean of Education Centers, Distance Ed, and Dual Enrollment

  • Flor Chacon, Veterans Program Coordinator

  • Jasmine Northcutt, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services

  • Joanna Kimmitt, Director, Library/Learning Resources

  • Jyothi Suresh, Math Instructor and Department Chair

  • Katie Dowling, Nurse Practitioner

  • Keyiona Ritchey, Guardian Scholars Program Coordinator

  • Li Hlavaty, Library Services Coordinator

  • Dr. Michelle Donohue-Mendoza, Dean of Student Services

  • Michelle Haverly, Tutoring & Academic Support Services Program Coordinator

  • Olga Diaz, Watsonville Education Center Manager

  • Ricardo Espinoza, Supplemental Instruction Coordination

  • Salvetoria Larter, Director of Academic Counseling

  • Sheryl Kern-Jones, Learning Disabilities Specialist

  • Stephen Blohm, Institutional Research Analyst, Statistician

  • Steve Schessler, English Department Chair, Faculty Lead for Guided Pathways, Lead Honors Faculty

  • Tera Martin, Coordinator, Integrated Learning Center (ILC)

  • Terrence Willett, Dean of Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness

  • Terri Owen, Senior Financial Support Specialist

  • Violette Reeves, Fiscal Analyst