Lecture vs Computer Mediated Math Classes

Please complete the following four items by selecting either response "a" or "b" (whichever better describes your previous experiences with math).

1.Classroom discussion about math is:

a. almost always helpful to me
b. rarely helpful to me

2.When an instructor hands out directions for a math assignment, I prefer:

a. having the instructions explained to me
b. trying to follow the directions on my own, then asking for help as needed

3. In my previous math classes, I usually:

a. was comfortable with the pace of the class
b. wanted the instructor to slow down or speed up

4. I expect the material in this math course to be:

a. mostly new to me
b. mostly review for me
If you answered "a" to 3 or more of these questions, then a traditional lecture math class is probably better for you.

If you answered "b" to 3 or more of these questions, then a computer-mediated math class is probably better for you, and you should complete the remainder of this survey.

If you answered "a" to 2 questions and "b" to 2 questions, then you should speak to your instructor about whether to take a traditional lecture or computer-mediated math class.

If you would like to switch to a more appropriate section, please do so as soon as possible (before the deadline for making schedule changes).

If you have decided to take a computer-mediated math class, please complete the following checklist.

In each row, check only one item in either Column I or Column II (whichever better describes you).

Column I

___ self-motivated learner

___ good at managing time

___ usually ahead of schedule

___ have commitments that make it difficult to attend class

___ calm and determined to learn math concepts

Column II

___ need a lot of encouragement to learn

___ average at managing time

___ often wait until the last minute

___ attend class regularly

___ "math-phobic"

If you checked 3 or more items in Column I, you may want to speak to your instructor about the possibility of working with the computer software from home.

If you checked 3 or more items in Column II, please be aware that in order to succeed in a computer-mediated math class, you must attend class regularly and ask your instructor questions as they arise. You must also plan to spend additional hours outside of class time working in the Math Lab, where tutors are available to assist you.