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New Waitlist Policy: If the class section is full (closed) at the time you register, you may choose to be placed on the class section waitlist. You may add your name, without charge, to the waitlist. If space becomes available in the closed section, the first person on the waitlist will be eligible to register in that class section. Other students on the waitlist will move up and be allowed to register as space becomes available. Every effort will be made to notify you by email or letter when a space opens up, but it is your responsibility to monitor your position on the waitlist and to register if a space becomes available to you.

Before you go any farther: Find out what it takes to complete an online math course successfully. Click here for more information. See also the Cabrillo Distance Ed page.

Courses offered:

  • Math 152 Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 12 Elementary Statistics
  • Math 13 Finite Mathematics
  • Math 18 Business Calculus