Serving Local High School Seniors

Running Start

Coming to your school!
Attend a Cabrillo 101: Application Workshop

Ask your high school counselor about dates and times that we'll be at your school.

  • Lead by Cabrillo staff and student ambassadors.

  • Learn about Cabrillo College Programs.

  • Get hands on help to complete your Cabrillo application.

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Cabrillo Supports Local Students

First two years FREE!

The Running Start Program helps high school seniors in Santa Cruz County successfully transition to college and build a path forward. 

Who can participate? 

Any high school senior living in the Cabrillo College service area.  

  • All students are accepted to Cabrillo

  • No minimum GPA requirement, no admissions tests

What's my first step?
  1. Apply to Cabrillo College as a NEW to college student

  2. Within 72 hours you'll receive your Cabrillo student ID number via email from

Next, apply for Financial Aid
  • Submit your FAFSA or CA Dream Act application. You'll then have access to grants and fee waivers to make college affordable.


Ready to Start?

No need to wait, start now!

  1. Apply to Cabrillo College

  • Select summer or fall 2022

  • Select that you are a NEW to college student

  • Select a major that interests you - you can always change it later

  • Once your application is processed, you'll receive your student ID# via email

Then you'll move to these next tasks:
  1. Complete Placement for math and English or English as a Second Language

  2. Complete Orientation Activities

  3. Plan your classes

You can complete all the activities on you own online, available 24/7.

Mark Your Calendar

Running Start 2022 Key Dates

  • October 1, 2021 - April 8, 2022
    Earn an Earlier Registration Date

    All students have the opportunity to earn an earlier registration date by completing these activities:

    ProTip: your registration will not be blocked if these activities are not completed; you will be assigned a later registration date.

  • April 4, 2022
    Schedule of Classes Posted

    Create your schedule and be ready to register when your registration opens. You have the option to register for summer, fall and spring all at once.

  • April 8, 2022
    Due Date: complete activities to earn an earlier registration date

    Complete placement, submit the orientation eForm, and plan some classes by this date to earn an earlier registration date.

    Miss this date? Not a problem! You will not be blocked from registering. Keep going - your registration open in mid-May. Registration is open all summer.

  • April 18, 2022
    Registration Dates Posted

    Check My Registration Date to see your calculated registration date and ranking. If you think your registration date is wrong, let us know. Submit this eForm to appeal.

  • April 25, 2022
    DEADLINE: to appeal your calculated registration date

    If you think your registration date is wrong, we want to know. Submit this eForm to appeal.

  • May 10, 2022
    Registration Opens for students who earned an earlier date

    Students who had completed placement, submitted the orientation eForm, and planned some courses by April 9. 

    Check My Registration Date to see the time your registration will open. Register anytime on or after this date. Registration is open all summer. 

  • May 17, 2022
    Registration open for ALL students

    Students who had not completed placement, submitted the orientation eForm, and planned some courses by April 9. 

    Check My Registration Date to see the time your registration will open. Register anytime on or after this date. Registration is open all summer. 

Is your schedule planned and ready to go?
Register in Student Planning

You're ready to go you've if selected a section for each class that's on your plan and built your schedule. When your registration opens, the registration button in Student Planning will turn blue; to register select the Register Now button. To be ready on the day your registration opens:

  • Find the time that your registration will open
  • Log into Student Planning before your time
  • Once your registration is open, it remains open
  • Register anytime on or after that time
  • No need to meet with anyone, unless you have a question or need help. 

ProTip: if your first choices are full: add yourself to the section waitlist and/or have a couple backup sections ready to plug into your schedule.

Need some help?
Select the ZOOM ROOM to meet your needs:
ZOOM 1: I don't know what classes to take

Open to all students!

  • Need help with your class schedule?
  • Need to clear a prerequisite?
  • Not sure what classes to take?
Academic Counselors can help you select courses and build your schedule during Virtual Express drop-in hours
ZOOM 2: I can't log in!

Open to all students!

The Welcome Center can help to identify problems and connect you to the right office to resolve the issue. 
  • Are you having difficulty logging in? 
  • Are you seeing a message in Student Planning that you have a hold on your record?
  • Have any questions about anything Cabrillo related?

Taking care of business

ProTip: Holds can be resolved before your registration opens. If you see a hold listed in Student Planning, visit the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center Hosts can help identify the reason for the hold and connect you with staff to resolve the hold.

Why Start @ Cabrillo?

Cabrillo Serves You

Free to Apply|Free Tuition

A triple promise to eliminate financial barriers to college, high school completion not required:

Complete High School Requirements|Start Your College Degree

No need to wait. You're ready for college. Unlock your potential. We can help you recover credits for high school graduation while you start your college degree. 

Jump Start Your Career

Cabrillo offers award-winning Career Technical Education (CTE) programs that include Associates degrees and certificates designed to get you workforce ready in as short as six (6) months. Graduates from a CTE program earn an average of 71% more in their field than those without training from Cabrillo.

Prepare to Transfer

 Cabrillo offers dozens of programs with guaranteed transfer to 4-year colleges and universities. We are ranked is ranked #1 in transfers to UCSC; hundreds of Cabrillo students transfer to top-ranking universities each year. Studies show that students who start at Cabrillo then transfer to a four-year school earn higher grade-point averages than those who enter university straight from high school. 

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