Entrepreneurship and Business

Why Business

Cabrillo's Business program is designed for you with in-person and on-line courses.

Unlike other colleges, you will receive one-on-one instruction by the best skilled teachers with real-world business experience!

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What Can I Learn?

Do you want to work in the business world but don't know which career? Taking classes and working towards a degree or certificate can help you decide. Our courses are crafted and focused so that you can learn the essentials about:

General Business:

Even if you don't know a lot about the different types of business functions, you can learn more about business communications, business information systems, and international business by just getting started!


Get to know how great companies target you and how they determine who is the most likely to buy. You'll learn how businesses use social media effectively, plus how pricing, promotion, and distribution combine for effective marketing campaigns.


Whether you want a career in Human Resources or just want to understand how to be a better manager, we'll help you get better at understanding what motivates employees and how best to lead and manage them.


Hey, let's face it. Not everyone wants to work for someone else. If you've got an idea and are willing to put in the hard work to live your dream, then we've got the classes for you!!! Learn About Our Entrepreneur's Club

Business Law:

There are different types of laws that apply to businesses, and you'll learn about the legal parameters which are designed to protect employees, consumers, financial institutions, and the general public.


Which Degree or Certificate is Right for Me?

You've got choices! Earning an Associates in Science Degree (AS) can be a ‘stand-alone' 2-year degree, or it can help you transfer to a 4-year college for a Bachelor's degree. You can also earn a Certificate of Achievement, which teaches you the skills to help you progress in your current career, even if you're not planning on getting a 4-year Bachelor's degree.

Business Degrees and Certificates Brochure

Our Three Degrees:

As a community college, Cabrillo designs it's degrees to help you not waste time or money on courses that you may not need if you're planning on transferring to a 4-year university in California, or elsewhere. Each Associates Degree is designed to help you reach your goal:

Business Administration 2.0 Associate in Science for Transfer Degree

This is best if you're considering transferring to any college within the California State University system. Historically, many of our Business students transfer to San Jose State, California State University - Monterey (CSUMB), San Diego State and Cal State - Long Beach:

General Business - Associate in Arts Degree

This is best if you're considering transferring to any college within the University of California system. Historically, many of our Business students transfer to UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis:

General Business (Occupational) - Associate in Science Degree

This is best if you're considering transferring to any 4-year college, or if you are looking for an Associates Degree without transferring.


Our Three Certificates of Achievement:

A Certificate of Achievement can be the first step in getting that promotion, or in furthering your education. Certificates of Achievement help you expand your skills, which may be necessary for job advancement with a current employer or to apply for a position with another company.

General Business Certificate of Achievement:

To understand the fundamentals of business analysis and program planning, you'll gain a stronger foundation in basic management, marketing, and business communications:

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certificate of Achievement:

Learn the fundamentals of small business planning and operating to prepare you for the challenges establishing and operating a small business:

Cabrillo also has an Entrepreneur's Club, as well as many successful students who created and are running great business in our community! Learn more about our Entrepreneurship Program and success stories that show you can live your dream!

Human Relations and Resources Certificate of Achievement:

Gain a greater understanding of the human resources process and the details surrounding employer/employee relations. This can help you be a better manager, and possibly gain an entry level position in human resources:


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