Safety Committee

Safety Committee

Staff, student, and visitor safety is a primary concern of the Governing Board and Administration of Cabrillo College. The District's obligation is to provide and maintain safe working and learning conditions and equipment at all times, and to comply with standards prescribed by applicable state and local laws and regulations. Prevention of accidents to staff, students, and visitors is the responsibility of all levels of administration, including division chairpersons, department heads and supervisors. Their leadership and participation is expected in all safety and health related activities. Safety must always be an integral part of any function or work performed. To meet this obligation, a Safety and Health Program shall be established and maintained. See Board Policy 3500 for more information.

Chairperson: Jon Salisbury


Jordon Brownlee / Tammy Smith, Sheriff's Office

Jason Camara, Faculty

Margie Casillas, Confidential

Eduardo Cervantes, Administrator

Ginger Charles, Faculty

Katie Dowling / Gina Westjohn, Student Health Services

Kristin Fabos, Administrator

Chrissy Hankes, Classified

Krista Kaschalk, Administrator

Dr. Bradley D. Olin, Administrator

Dave Reynolds, Administrator

Ana Ruiz, Classified

Alex Strudley, Administrator

Tasha Sturm, Classified