Transforming Cabrillo College into an effective Hispanic-Serving Institution through research and collaboration.
~ HSI Purpose ~
HSI Task Force Overview

HSI Focus Groups and Goals

HSI Audit:

a. Goal: To develop guidelines and procedures for conducting audits on current practices. How does Cabrillo currently serve Latinx students?

Internal Community Spaces:

a. Goal: To advocate for HSI-thriving spaces, both on campus and online, through the installation of murals/public art; revitalization of welcoming indoor student gathering/multipurpose areas; the creation of inclusive, multilingual signage; the formation of functional community-oriented outdoor spaces; and the establishment of a culturally responsive online presence.

Curriculum / Faculty Initiatives:

a. Goal: to Identify work toward developing an Ethnic Studies department.

b. Goal: to identify programs on campus that support Latinx & BIPOC students.

c. Goal: to identify items that can be implemented in the classroom.

Student Support:

a. Goal: to identify opportunities for peer mentoring, outreach & recruitment. How can Cabrillo support Latinx students outside of the classroom and throughout their time at college?

Administrative Procedures, HR processes, Legislative Policies:

a. Goal: to continue implementing HR improvements in hiring; report on successes and accomplishments; promote communication efforts.

b. Goal: to engage in policy & procedure reforms working with Board, CPC, and governance leaders. c. Goal: to advocate for Ethnic studies Bill (AB 1040), DACA/Dreamers legislation, and other relevant legislation.

External Community Outreach:

a. Goal: Expand marketing & institutional capacity to include Spanish speaking, media resource & translation capabilities.

b. Goal: Identify and promote events that connect Santa Cruz County Latinx communities to Cabrillo College.

c. Goal: Host events that invite Latinx community to Cabrillo and participate in community events that connect Cabrillo to SC County Latinx community.HSI Task Force / Six Focus Groups

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Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Task Force

2023 Report

HSI Leadership Team
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"As the compositional diversity of colleges and universities changes, the ways we educate and serve students must also shift. Administrators, faculty, and staff must commit to transforming the institutional structures for serving in order to enhance the educational experiences and outcomes of all students. This is what I write about, speak about, and work with colleges and universities to do." ​
~ Dr. Gina Ann Garcia ~
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