Facilities Planning Committee (FPC)

The purpose of the Facilities Planning Committee is to review and make recommendations to the College Planning Committee regarding the:

  • development and periodic updating of the Facilities Master Plan and priorities;

  • development of a Master Site Plan;

  • property acquisition issues,

  • inter-component reallocations of space and plans for significant remodeling, renovation, or other space modifications which require special funding beyond component base budget resources.

The Sustainability and Climate Planning Committee and Parking Subcommittee report to the Facilities Planning Committee.


2022-23 Goals:

  1. Review current and upcoming facilities projects. Report out to constitutent groups.

  2. Review 5 year capital construction plan and state scheduled maintenance projects list.

  3. Assign tasks to the Parking and Sustainability subcommittees. Make recommendations to CPC.

Who They Report To

College Planning Committee (CPC)


Quarterly during the semester. See Board Docs

Link to Agendas and Minutes


Chair and Member Listing

  1. Bradley Olin, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services (Chair)

  2. Robin McFarland, Interim Vice President, Instruction

  3. Amy Lehman-Sexton, Vice President of Student Services

  4. John Graulty, Dean, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts

  5. Paul Harvell, Dean, Human Arts and Social Sciences

  6. TBD, Director, Budget & Fiscal Services

  7. Jon Salisbury, Director, Facilities Planning and Plant Operations

  8. Rick Harden, Director, Information Technology

  9. Alex Strudley, Director, Procurement & General Services

  10. Karen Groppi, Faculty Representative appointed by Faculty Senate

  11. David King, Faculty Representative appointed by Faculty Senate

  12. Matt Halter, Faculty Representative appointed by Faculty Senate

  13. Buff McKinley, Classified Staff Representative appointed by CCEU

  14. Chrissy Hankes, Classified Staff Representative Appointed by CCEU

  15. Denisa Rozsypalova, Student appointed by Student Senate

Resources and Archive

Additional Information

Communication Between the CPC and Other Planning Bodies of the College: The intent is to have as much transparency as possible. In the spirit of this intent, sharing of agendas and a summary of relevant planning topics from Cabinet and other bodies will be shared in advance or presented regularly to the CPC. Affected groups include: Cabinet, Instructional Council, Council on Instructional Planning, Administrative Leadership Team, and Component Manager Groups. See the Cabrillo College Decision Making Process and the Integrated Planning Process.

For more information, visit College Planning Committee Website