Clinical Compliance Managed By Student Health Services

Clinical Drug Screen

To complete your urine drug screen follow these steps:

  • Purchase your drug screen through Castle Branch using the package code given to you at your clinical compliance session
  • Verify that you have the appropriate Quest Labs drug screen form given to you at your clinical compliance session OR picked up in the Allied Health office lobby in the white file box. The lab slip should have your program title at the top.
  • Make an appointment at Quest labs (see below).
  • Bring lab slip to the appointment for the urine drug screen

It will take 3-5 days for the results of your drug screen to appear in your Castle Branch account. You do not need to upload any documents. If you do not follow these instructions, you may encounter problems with your drug screen which may delay the process and cause you to become noncompliant.

Below is the address for the Quest lab in Santa Cruz. If you live outside of the area, please use the link below to locate a Quest near you that does drug screens.

Quest Diagnostics - Santa Cruz
1595 Soquel Drive, Suite 100
Santa Cruz, CA 95065-1720
Phone Number: (831) 462-6671
Fax: (831) 462-6678

Not all Quest labs do urine drug screens. To search a Quest lab near you go to this link:

Quest Diagnostics/Find Location

Fill in your area code and select urine drug screen. This will give you a list of labs near you that offer urine drug screens.

If you are an alternate, do not complete the following until officially accepted by your program:

  • Compliance fee
  • Background Check
  • COM (RT and Nursing students only. DH alternates must complete)
  • Mask fit (Nursing only)
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