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Varicella or chickenpox causes rash, itching, fever, and tiredness. Complications can include severe skin infection, scars, pneumo­nia, brain damage, or death.

To become compliant for Varicella you must have your blood drawn and tested for immunity. This blood test is called a titer.

You must have a positive or immune titer for Varicella to be compliant.

If your titer is non-immune, negative or equivocal you must:

  • Receive varicella vaccine series of 2 shots one month apart
  • Re-titer for varicella one month after last shot

If titer is still not positive then you must repeat series and re-titer.

If re-titer remains negative after 2 full varicella vaccine series(total of 4 shots, should include your childhood immunizations) you will be considered a Non-Responder.

Please go to Non-Responder page for full explanation

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