Clinical Compliance Managed By Student Health Services

Clinical Flu Immunization

Students who do not get annual flu shots will need to wear a mask from the moment they walk in the door of their clinical setting to the moment they walk out of the building from OCTOBER 1 THROUGH APRIL 1!

To be compliant you must get a flu shot and provide documentation of your flu shot in your Castle Branch account.

You may use any of the options below to document your flu shot:

  • Immunization card or record showing Flu immunization. Must have front of card with name and birth date on same page as immunization.
  • Print out from electronic medical record account showing Flu immunization. Must have name and birth date on page.
  • Printout from pharmacy or drugstore where receive immunization
  • Cabrillo Seasonal Influenza (Flu) Immunization form with either provider's stamp or signature and date when received immunization

If you have questions about the safety and efficacy of the flu shot, please visit the CDC website:

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