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Cabrillo College Financial Aid & Scholarships

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy


As a financial aid recipient, it is your responsibility to understand the term and conditions of the Cabrillo College Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy as it applies to you. To maintain financial aid eligibility, you must maintain academic progress according to our Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.

Federal regulations require that Financial Aid monitor your academic progress toward completion of a Certificate of Achievement, Associate degree, or Transfer program. This is done at the end of each term (Fall, Spring, and Summer) and applies to your entire academic history at Cabrillo, whether or not you have received financial aid. After your academic progress is evaluated, your SAP status will either be Satisfactory, Warning, Disqualified, Probation, Not Eligible, Maximum Timeframe, Extended or Ineligible.

These Standards Apply To:

  • Pell Grant
  • Federal Work Study
  • SEOG
  • Direct Student Loans
  • Cal Grant
  • Chafee Grant
  • Student Success Completion Grant
NOTE:  These standards are different than, and separate from, Admissions and Records; they only apply to Federal Grants and Loans and State Grants.

The California College Promise Grant is subject to State of California regulations and eligibility determined by the Cabrillo Admissions and Records Office.

To assist in meeting your educational goal in the quickest possible time frame at Cabrillo all students are encouraged to have an educational plan completed with the assistance of an Academic Counselor.

Status and appeal decisions of the Financial Aid office are final. There is no alternative procedure for appealing Financial Aid decisions.

Minimum Standard Requirements

Students must meet ALL minimum standard requirements each term.

1. GPA- Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all coursework attempted

2. PACE of Progress- Maintain a cumulative course completion rate of at least 67% of all coursework attempted the
entire time at Cabrillo

3. Maximum Time Frame- Stay within maximum time frame of 150%

Program Total Units Required for Program Maximum Timeframe
Associate Degree or Transfer 60 units
(for most AA/AS degrees)
90 units
Certificate of Achievement 30 units
(for most certificate programs)
45 units






  • Grades of A, B, C, D, CR, and P are considered completed units.
  • Grades of F, NP, W, MW, EW, NC, I, and RD are considered attempted units but NOT completed units.
  • Units attempted are defined as the number of units that appear on your permanent record.
  • Academic Renewal will not impact your SAP status for financial aid. For additional information click on the Cabrillo Course Catalog link.

SAP Appeal Deadlines

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Fall 2020:

November 27, 2020

Spring 2021:

April 30, 2021

Summer 2021:

July 30, 2021



Your status is SATISFACTORY if you meet Minimum Standard Requirements and have not reached or exceeded the Maximum Time Frame for your program.


Your status is  WARNING if you did NOT meet one or both of the GPA or PACE Minimum Standard Requirements and have not reached or exceeded the Maximum Timeframe for your program.


Your status is DISQUALIFIED if you do not meet the GPA or PACE Minimum Standard Requirements at the end of your WARNING term. You will not be eligible to receive financial aid until you reach required GPA and PACE and will be REINSTATED for aid without an appeal when you do so.

You may appeal if you had extenuating circumstances beyond your control that led to your inability to meet Minimum Standard Requirements. Federal regulations specify extenuating circumstances as one one time events such as student illness or injury, or death of a relative. You also need to demonstrate that your situation has changed to allow you to make satisfactory academic progress. Supporting documentation is required or your appeal will not be considered.

If your appeal is approved, your status will be PROBATION. Students can only have ONE SAP Appeal while at Cabrillo College.

If your appeal is not approved, your status will remain DISQUALIFIED.

Your status is  PROBATION because your SAP Appeal was approved. You can receive financial aid, however, it is not retroactive. You must meet PROBATION REQUIREMENTS or you will be NOT ELIGIBLE the next term and unable to appeal again.


Probation Requirements
GPA Requirements

    • If your cumulative GPA is under a 2.0 you must achieve a GPA of at least 2.5 each term until you are off probation.
    • If your cumulative GPA is above a 2.0 you must achieve a GPA of at least a 2.0 each term until you are off probation.

    Pace of Progress

    • If your cumulative Pace is less than 67% you must successfully complete ALL units attempted each term until you are off probation.
    • If your cumulative Pace is more than 67% you must successfully complete 67% of all units attempted each term until you are off probation.

    Your status is NOT ELIGIBLE because you did not meet Probation Requirements. You cannot have more than one SAP Appeal at Cabrillo College. You are no longer eligible for federal and state grants, including loans at Cabrillo College.

    If you have reached or exceeded the MAXIMUM TIME FRAME for your program AND have continously met MINIMUM STANDARD REQUIREMENTS and have classes remaining to complete your academic goal at Cabrillo College, you may appeal for an extension.

Students with a BA/BS or Master's degree are not eligible for federal financial aid except for student loans. If you are interested in a student loan, you must be enrolled in an eligible program and complete the SAP Appeal process. Loan funding will be restricted to the units on your Educational Plan.

To be considered for an extension, you must have an archived Comprehensive Educational Plan and submit a SAP Appeal form.

If your SAP Apppeal is approved you will be EXTENDED. Students can only have ONE appeal for extension while at Cabrillo College.

If your appeal is denied, your status will remain MAXIMUM TIMEFRAME.


  • Extensions may not be granted for changes in majors or multiple degrees or if approaching Lifetime Pell or Loan Aggregate limits.
  • If you are required to take remedial and/or ESL courses in order to meet your educational goal, your Maximum Timeframe can be extended. Remedial course work is limited to 30 funded course units.

Your status is EXTENDED because your SAP Appeal for an extension of your Maximum Timeframe was approved. You will been extended based on your archived Comprehensive Educational Plan for a specific number of term(s) or units needed to complete your program.

While EXTENDED you must meet Probation Requirements. If you not meet these requirements your status will be INELIGIBLE and you will no longer be eligible to receive aid at Cabrillo.

You were EXTENDED and have exceeded the extension period you were given to complete your program OR you did not meet the minimum standards of your extension. You are not currently eligible for Financial Aid at Cabrillo College unless you can provide proof that you had an extenuating circumstance that kept you from being able to meet the conditions of your extension.

You were on PROBATION and you did not meet the conditions of your PROBATION status, and are not allowed to have more than one approved appeal at Cabrillo College. You are no longer eligible for Federal grants, loans and state grants at Cabrillo College.

Financial Aid Sap Appeal Process

You may be DISQUALIFED or MAXIMUM TIME FRAME for financial aid because:

  • Minimum Standards were not met- You failed to earn a cumulative 2.0 GPA and/or complete at least 67% of the units you have attempted.
  • Maximum Time Frame Exceeded- You have not completed your academic program within the allowed maximum time frame (have attempted more than 150% of the units required for your academic program).

    Bachelor's/ Master's Degree- Students with a BA/BS or Master's degree are not eligible for state or federal grants but may be eligible for student loans. If you are interested in a student loan, you must be enrolled in an eligible program and complete the SAP Appeal process. Loan funding will be restricted to the units on your Comprehensive Educational Plan.

If you are ONLY INTERESTED in the California College Promise Grant (CCPG fee waiver), you do not need to go through the SAP Appeal process.

  • Make an appointment with a Cabrillo Academic Counselor to develop and archive a Comprehensive Educational Plan, you can do this by contacting the Counseling Services at 831-479-6274.

  • Fill out the SAP Appeal Form through your MyVerify account by clicking HERE.
  • Supporting documentation of your extenuating circumstance and your archived Comprehensive Educational Plan must be submitted with your appeal.
  • You must be following your Comprehensive Educational Plan. The documentation submitted must support why Satisfactory Academic Progress was not made, and must correspond with the term(s) you failed to make Satisfactory Academic Progress. The SAP Appeal will be considered incomplete without the proper documentation and will not be accepted.
  • Please ensure that the major declared on your Comprehensive Educational Plan is your active program. To check your active program, or change your major visit:
  • The SAP appeal decision will be sent to you approximately two weeks after submission.

Important Information

Accessibility Support Center
We are sometimes asked if there is a full-time enrollment standard that may be applied for disabled students that is different from the standard applied to other students. Federal regulations require that a school apply its standards consistently to all students enrolled in the same course of study. There is no provision in the Higher Education Act governing Federal Title IV programs, that allows a school to waive full-time enrollment requirements.

Prior College Units
All prior units and degrees from other colleges that have been submitted to Cabrillo will be counted as units attempted toward your Maximum Time Frame.

Course Repetitions
For financial aid, passed courses with a grade of “D” or better can only be repeated once for payment.

This is different from and separate than the Admissions & Records Repeat Policy.

If you have any questions regarding these Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress, please contact the Cabrillo College Financial Aid Office at 831-479-6548.



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