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Checking Your Financial Aid Status

You can check your financial aid status by asking the following questions:

arrow button Has the Financial Aid Office recevied my FAFSA? What do I do now?

2-4 weeks after filing the FAFSA online, the Financial Aid Office will download your information, award the California College Promise Grant to your account (if eligible), and will send you an Acknowledgment email with information on how to confirm and log into your MyVerify account.

Once you have confirmed your account, you will be brought to the home page. Here you will see tasks that will need to be completed in order to send your file to the review stage.

Note: Tasks listed will vary from student to student

Submit all of the requested documents throught your MyVerify account as soon as possible.

arrow button Have I submitted all of my documents? Has the Financial Aid Office received them?

You can check to see if all of your documents have been received by logging-in to your MyVerify account.

To log-in to your account go to the Cabrillo Financial Aid & Scholarships Homepage and click on the 'MyVerify' link. Once you have logged-in to your account from the Home Page in your 'MyVerify' account, click on the drop down menu to view any tasks that must be completed:

This page will list:

  • What documents are being requested from you
  • What date your documents were received by our office
  • Any missing or outstanding documents you have yet to submit

If you have submitted all required documents and/or completed all required tasks, the date of your last submitted document begins your 4-6 week process for review.


arrow button Has the Financial Aid Office finished my file review and determined my financial aid eligibility?

Once you have submitted all of your required documents, in your MyVerify account you will see the message "Your file has beeen sent to the Financial Aid Office for review. No further action is required at this time." Once “Final Review is done” you will receive an email with further notification from our office.

Note: During peak processing periods, timelines could be doubled.

arrow button How do I know what awards I am eligible for and how much they are?

From the Student Menu in WebAdvisor, click on ‘Financial Aid Status by Year’ and then select the current school year.

Review your listed awards. Do you have any awards listed besides California College Promise Grant? If yes, use the following information to determine your eligible status.

If your award status is listed as:

  • Estimated’: this award amount is an estimate based on your FAFSA information. Your file is still being reviewed and/or you may have missing documents. Award amounts may change after file review.
  • Pending’: this award amount is pending final determination.
  • Accepted’: this amount has been awarded to you for the year. The Financial Aid Office has finished reviewing your file and set you up for payment.
          • ‘Accepted’ awards are based on full-time enrollment in 12 units. If you are in less than 12 units, the award you receive will be prorated.

            The California College Promise Grant is a tuition fee waiver and is not a grant award. This award is not an indicator for the status of your file (or your remaining awards, if applicable).

  •  ‘Rejected’ or ‘Denied’: you are not eligible for this award based on award criteria. The Financial Aid Office has finished reviewing your file.

arrow button When will I receive my money?

After you submit all documents required for your financial aid file, it is reviewed and eligibility is determined.

Awards will be disbursed according to the option you have chosen when you set up your disbursement preference with BankMobile approximately two to four weeks after your file is reviewed. See our Disbursements page for more information.

Note: The California College Promise Grant is NOT a cash award.


Other frequently asked status questions...

"I submitted an appeal or dependency petition; what were the results?"
It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for these to be reviewed. Once they have been reviewed you should receive the results in an email. These results are also posted in WebAdvisor on the 'My Documents' page.
"I submitted an income change; what were the results?"
Income change adjustments will not be calculated until after your file has completed Step 6 of our processing timeline. This calculation takes an additional 2-3 weeks. Once it has been processed you should receive the results in an email. These results are also posted in WebAdvisor on the 'My Documents' page.
"I submitted a loan application; what is the status?"
Please see our Loan Processing timeline. Note: During peak processing periods, timelines could be doubled.
"I don't see anything listed in WebAdvisor under My Documents or Awards"

Have you filed your FAFSA application yet? To file a FAFSA application online go to This is Step 1 of our processing timeline. Read more about filing your FAFSA...

If you have filed your FAFSA and you still don't see anything listed...

  • Have you applied for admission to Cabrillo yet?
  • Did you file the FAFSA for the correct year? Read more on which application to complete...
  • Did you list Cabrillo on your FAFSA?
  • Have you allowed 2-4 weeks for your FAFSA to be processed by the Federal Processor?
  • Does the social security number on your FAFSA match the one on file with the school?
  • Does the name on your FAFSA match the one on file with the school?

If you can answer 'Yes' to all of these, contact our office. If the answer is 'No' to any of these, you must resolve the issue before we can receive your FAFSA information.




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